Supply Chain Management - 4th Trimester 2020/21

3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / English

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) elective will introduce you to effective strategies for managing complex distribution networks and logistics operations. You will develop technical and practical skills to manage a coordinated system of suppliers, customers and other business partners. You will learn how to identify supply chain risks, design mitigation strategies and learn about daily operational decision rules. Among others, the class tackles how companies may integrate their supply chains (both vertically and horizontally), sourcing strategies (such as offshoring versus onshoring), transportation and inventory management. You’ll learn about important supply chain metrics, the link with finance and be exposed to practical tools to increase service levels and reduce costs. The course is directly inspired by problems from various industries, including but not limited to companies within the services and consumer goods industries, or companies with a strong emphasis on manufacturing, transportation and logistics. It is well-fit for students with a modelling interest that wish to pursue careers in operations departments or who aspire a more general management career track within companies in which supply chain management is key. We close the course with a discussion on how the latest trends within analytics may improve supply chain performance. 

Prerequisites: None


Assistant Professor
Joren Gijsbrechts is an assistant professor in Operations Management. He graduated as a Bachelor and Master in Business Engineering at the University of…