Strategic Change and Dynamic Capabilities - 4th Trimester 2020/21

3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / English

This SC & DC course intends to provide an advanced understanding of how firms can create value in changing environments. Past dominant theories in the Strategy field were particularly concerned about explaining how firms can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. However, a number of recent studies began to show that sustainable competitive advantage is rare and declining in its duration. As environments become more dynamic, unpredictable, uncertain, and ambiguous (that is, when exogenous and endogenous shocks are more common), firms struggle not only to achieve a competitive advantage but often just to survive. Thus, a challenging question arises: How can firms successfully cope with such environments?
The SC & DC course will attempt to address this question by providing integrated analysis of three major topics: first, the main, traditional perspectives on strategy; second, the strategic change phenomenon; third, the dynamic capabilities view.

Prerequisites: None

Note: This course includes several idiosyncratic characteristics. Please be aware of them by reading the respective syllabus before opting to enrol in this course.


Associate Professor with Aggregation
Associate Professor with aggregation, holds a PhD in Business Administration (City University, Cass Business School, London), an MBA (Universidade Católica…