Social Entrepreneurship: Building Impact Ventures - 2nd Semester 2020/21

7 ECTs / Semester-Long Course / English

Social entrepreneurs are a driving force for societal change and business innovation, creating compelling ventures that align both profit and impact. What do social entrepreneurs do that is unique and why do they succeed in addressing profound societal problems in areas where governments, markets and charities are failing? How are impact ventures built? This course will place you in the role of a social entrepreneur and help you learn in teams how to design and launch an impact venture. The course uses a hands-on step by step approach through which the teams will make progress each week in the design and piloting of their venture. This framework is built on research, cases, and tools co-developed by the instructor while working at IES - Social Business School. This framework has been widely used worldwide by more than 6000 participants and is codified in the book “The Social Entrepreneurs´ Guide to Changing the World.”

Prerequisites: None


Assistant Professor
João Cotter Salvado holds a Ph.D. in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from London Business School, and he is currently an Assistant Professor at Católica Lisbon…