Portuguese Intensive Course - 3rd Trimester 2020/21

Gisela Canelhas / 1.5 ECTs / Short course (18 hours) / English

This course is intended for absolute beginners in Portuguese as a foreign language and aims at preparing participants for their first contact with the language and the daily communicative situations they will come across whilst in the country. By the end of the course, students should be able to:
• take part in general conversation and simple interactions in a social context (to introduce oneself, as well as one’s family and friends, to talk about one’s place of origin, to describe one’s work, favourite activities, express preferences, address an interlocutor and respond to his/her questions);
• solve simple daily administrative tasks (fill out forms, start a telephone call, locate an office/person);
• interact in an elementary way in daily communicative situations (shopping, using public transportation, at the restaurant, at the bank, post office, pharmacy, cinema).

Prerequisites: None