Marketing for Technology-Based Startups - 2nd Trimester 2020/21

Cláudia Costa / 3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / English

In this course, you will learn how some basic marketing concepts can assist young technology (digital and science-based) ventures to create, deliver and extract value in a meaningful way for the customers and investors. You will be introduced to marketing & entrepreneurial tools and will practice by developing entrepreneurial thinking when selecting the most appropriate marketing strategies for a real startup. You will have a glimpse of a start up business in which you will contribute to solving a real life marketing challenge for technology based startup. You will gain knowledge from working with a young start-up – Neroes working with neuroscience technology for sports athletes and alumni from a major worldwide technology accelerator. During the course, you will gain knowledge by solving real marketing problems for Neroes.

Prerequisites: Yes (see syllabus)