Group and Team Processes - 2nd Trimester 2020/21

3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / English

In 1868, Louisa May Alcott wrote: “it takes two flints to make a fire” (p. 715). When we think about work teams in organizations, whether in industrial plants, surgical rooms, laboratories or schools, we want them to succeed in creating a strong, long-lasting and remarkable “fire”. That is, we want them to be effective. Many modern organizations are structured in work teams, and those teams are considered its building blocks (e.g., Campion, Medsker, & Higgs, 1993). Consequently, understanding what may enhance the ability of teams to be effective must be a serious concern for researchers and practitioners. This course provides an overview of the fundamental dynamics of teams and teamwork, focusing on the interactions between team members that contribute to team performance and team members’ satisfaction. 

Prerequisites: None


Ana Paula Giordano is completing her PhD in Organizational Behaviour at ISCTE- Lisbon University Institute. She has a Master’s degree in Work, Organizational…