Fostering creativity in organizations - 4th Trimester 2020/21

3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / English

Creativity is key to organizational competitiveness and success while fostering creativity is a complex process that necessities the efforts of multiple parties. Imagine that you are a senior executive of an organization, how do you create human resources systems, structures, and climates that support creativity? If you are a team leader who aims to elicit creative ideas from followers, what are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind? As a frontline employee, what are some factors that enhance or hinder your creative performance? This course assumes you in these different roles and uncovers how creative processes unfold in organizations. Also presented in this course are a set of unintended negative consequences of creativity (or processes aimed to foster it).

Prerequisites: None


Assistant Professor
Jingxian Yao received his Ph.D. in Management at the National University of Singapore and B.Sc. in Psychology at Zhejiang University. He is currently an…