Business to Business Marketing Strategy - 4th Trimester 2020/21

3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / English

Most companies of any dimension do not sell their products and services to consumers but to other companies. The buyers are organizations with a decision-making process that is complex and different from those of a final buyer of consumer goods. The marketing and sales challenges faced in business-to-business markets must be addressed based on the fundamentals of marketing but applied in a radically different way. The focus, levers, and processes of the marketing and sales efforts are different, and so must marketing strategy and communication be. This is especially relevant for small and medium enterprises. This course reviews the main components of business-to-business – “B2B”:  strategy, marketing, and sales.

Prerequisites: None


Vice-Chairman of Secil and Senior Advisor to the Chairman of Semapa. Worked in various Marketing, Sales and Management positions at Unilever, McKinsey…