Mathematics for Economists - 1st Trimester 2020/21

3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / Inglês

The Mathematics for Economists course aims at reviewing the mathematic tools needed for advanced studies in Economics. The course was devised assuming that students have already a Mathematics background, namely on differential calculus for functions of a single variable. Building on this knowledge, differential calculus for functions of several variables, with a special emphasis on non-linear optimization, and integral calculus for functions of a single variable are addressed. All content is illustrated with representative examples in Economics to help students to bridge the gap between the mathematical tools description and their application in Economics.

Prerequisites: Yes (see syllabus)


Professor Afiliado Sénior
Pedro Encarnação é Diretor Académico Adjunto dos Mestrados em Gestão e Professor Afiliado Sénior da CATÓLICA-LISBON - Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP…