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Dissertation Submission

This page contains important instructions and mandatory procedures for your dissertation submission/delivery It also contains links to websites, platforms, and templates.


Before Submitting Your Dissertation

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After developing your thesis in compliance with the length and formatting requirements (info HERE),  it is now time to prepare the documentation for the dissertation submission. A table has been provided with the required documentation, the mandatory file format, and (when applicable) the document template. 

Required Documentation

Mandatory File Format


Curriculum Vitae



Declaration(s) from your advisor(s) (1)


Template here

Authorization form to archive your dissertation (UCP Institutional Repository)


Template here

Declaration of originality


Template here

Declaration of Format & Length


Template here

Turnitin receipt, in PDF or PDF/A format




PDF/A (2)

Cover template here; Double Degree Cover template here

Cover page and abstracts (PT+ENG)

PDF/A (2)

Cover template here; Double Degree Cover template here


  1. It is mandatory the document be delivered correctly fill-in with the advisor's signature.
  2. PDF/A is the mandatory format. To convert the file in this format type: Windows instructions HERE; Mac users can use an external website, an example can be found HERE.

Sources and Plagiarism

The data used in your dissertation can be primary data and/or secondary data.

Primary data are data collected by the researcher for the specific purpose of addressing the problem at hand. This includes data collected through surveys, experiments, or interviews. The collection and use of primary data is encouraged but is not a requirement.

Secondary data are data that have already been collected for purposes other than your dissertation (for example, published statistical data, data in annual reports, a public database, or data in journal articles). You are expected to identify and acknowledge major sources of secondary data relating to your topic and to refer to important literature relating to your research question.

You must properly acknowledge the secondary sources (i.e., when you did not conduct data collection yourself) of any data, ideas, or other material. Plagiarism is a major concern in all academic work.

Master’s thesis/dissertation will be checked for plagiarism as part of the evaluation process.

Dissertations are considered “critical” if they exceed the following values:

  • Overall similarity index ≥ 35%
  • The similarity index in relation to the primary source ≥ 5%

Dissertations that exceed these values will be rejected, delaying your dissertation defense and, as a result, the conclusion of your MSc program

As required by Portuguese law, your dissertation will be archived in the UCP Institutional Repository.

 You will submit a form along with your dissertation, indicating the type of access that should be applied to your work – unrestricted access, restricted access for a determined amount of time (end date to be indicated by you), or restricted access for an undetermined amount of time.

Portuguese law also requires your dissertation defense to be public. As a result, you should ensure that confidential data is not included in your presentation.

 Additionally, please note that the university is unable to sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements.

Submitting Your Dissertation

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You must upload your thesis/dissertation to the Plagiarism-Detection Software (Turnitin), a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes before the thesis and documents are submitted on the Official Platform. 

The Master programs have different class IDs and keys, as provided in the table. Make sure you use the correct ID and key when submitting your document.


Class ID


Master Program in Economics



Master Programs in Finance



Master Programs in Management *




*This includes the Master Programs in Management, International Management, and Business.



  • Select one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari
  • Create an account or use existing one;
  • After entering the platform, insert class ID and class enrolment Key;
  • Class submission screen
  • Select upload thesis
  • Insert details, such as name, surname, and thesis title. It is mandatory to write your student number before the title. Ex:152118246_name and surname_thesis title
  • Upload
  • Return to assignment list
  • Click view or download
  • Save the receipt
  • When delivering your thesis in the submission platform, use the appropriate field to insert the receipt.



To deliver your Dissertation and the corresponding documents it is indispensable that you use the submission platform and follow the technical submission requirements: 

  • All the listed documents must be submitted with the correct naming, in the required format, correctly filled in, and signed.  
  • The document naming should be as follows: student number_std first and last name_inicials of the document type. Example: 152114000_John Smith_CV In the platform each document submission slot has the correct naming of the documents.
  • The dissertation/thesis format must follow the layout, the length, and the references posting as outlined in the “Layout and Format” link HERE.
  • All critical and identifying marks and information must be legible. 
  • The scanned document orientation should match the original.  

We encourage you to submit your work as soon as all the documentation is ready. 


The submission platform is open until 09h00 of the deadline day.

Your Dissertation and all other documents will be verified after the delivery in the submission platform.

If you decide to postpone your thesis deliveryyou must fill in a form, until the study plan completion deadline of each defense period, and inform your advisor. The link to access the form can be found HERE.


Late Submission and Fees

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Late penalty fees per missed deadline(s)

Until the dissertation delivery, a financial penalty fee is applicable for every delivery deadline exceeded, up to a maximum of 4 late penalty fees, per seminar enrolment. Always keeping in mind that students can only continue working on their dissertation after the 2nd submission deadline if they have permission from their advisor.

Every student is charged the annual enrolment fee for each academic year in CLSBE.

  • Example 1: Start Dissertation Semester in September 2021 - Deliver by the 2nd Submission Deadline (April 2022) = 1 payment of €175 (Value AY 2021/2022); 
  • Example 2: Start Dissertation Semester in September 2021 - Deliver by the 3rd deadline (June 2022) = 2 payments of €175 (Value AY 2021/2022); 
  • Example 3: Start Dissertation Semester in September 2021 - Deliver by the 4th deadline (September 2022) = 3 payments of €175 (Value AY 2021/2022); 
  • Example 4: Start Dissertation Semester in September 2021 - Deliver by the 5th deadline (January 2023) = 2021/2022 Annual Registration Fee + 4 payments of €175 (Value AY 2021/2022); 

Enrolment changes in Dissertation Seminars or Independent Process

  • The late penalty fees from exceeded deadlines are due, even if the students change their enrolment to a new Dissertation seminar or an independent process.
  • This change will reset the deadlines and consequentially the calculation of late penalty fees.


  • A student that is returning to a program after the enrolment was canceled must submit a formal request to the Academic Director to re-enroll. Upon approval, a re-enrolment fee of € 300 will be applicable.