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Diploma Certificate

Once you have successfully defended your dissertation, and your MSc Program is complete, you can request your Diploma Certificate and the Ceremonial Diploma to the University’s Academic Services through E-SCA (see tutorial). 

The requests should be made until 31st December of the current civil year (i.e. 31st December 2021).  

Request the Diploma Certificate and the Ceremonial Diploma

Step 1 – Log in to E-SCA using your credentials

Please verify that your data is correct (name according to passport/official ID, gender, date of birth, etc.).

  • “Personal Information”
  • “View Personal Information”

Any changes to this information should be reported to “Secretaria Escolar” in advance.

Step 2 – Request the Certificate of Degree Conclusion (Diploma Certificate)

System instructions:

  • “Updates and Services”
  • “Academic Services”
  • “Request Certificate of Degree Conclusion”
  • Select one of the options:
    • Certificate of Degree Conclusion
    • Certificate of Degree Conclusion with Final Average
    • Certificate of Degree Conclusion with Final Average and Grades per Course [recommended]
  • Select the number of copies in Portuguese and/or English
  • “Send”

The first certificate costs €187.50, and each copy of it costs €31.50. Other certificates (different options or in a different language) cost €63.

Step 3 – Request the Diploma (Ceremonial Diploma)

  • “Updates and Services”
  • “Academic Services”
  • “Request of Diploma”
  • “Send”

If you request and pay the Diploma Certificate before April 30th, 2022, the Ceremonial Diploma is free of charge. Otherwise, it will have a cost €90. 

Step 4 – Pay the Diploma Certificate

It usually takes 24 hours until the status of your request and necessary payment appears in E-SCA. This information will be available in:

  • “Academic Information”
  • “Requests Made”
  • ”View pending requests”
  • Pay the fee (please see the methods of payment below)

The Tuition Fees and payments List can be found HEREPlease keep in mind that the deadline for request and payment is 31st December 2021. Your request will only be processed after the payment. 


Methods of Payment

1. Payment from a Portuguese bank account

You can use the ATM reference (Multibanco) to make your payment. Choose "Pagamentos e Outros Serviços”, “Pagamento de Serviços/Compras" options and enter the entity code, reference and amount.

2. Payment from abroad

  • Account name: Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • Bank: Banco Comercial Português/Millennium BCP, Lisbon
  • IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.50026586583.05
  • Please send proof of payment to the Treasury Office ( for an easier payment track.
  • Remember that bank fees may apply.

3. In-person, at the Treasury Office


Delivery Options

Diploma Certificate

  • By post – send an email to with your request, including the posting address. There is a payment associated with this service.
  • In-person – go to the UCP Secretaria Escolar (Ground Floor, Library Building).
  • By email – send an email to requesting a scanned version before picking it up from the Secretaria Escolar or having it posted to you.

Ceremonial Diploma

  • The Ceremonial Diploma is delivered in the Graduation Ceremony in the year after program completion (date to be defined), as long as it was requested in E-SCA until 31st December 2021.
  • Diplomas requested after 31st December 2021 will be delivered by post or in-person after October 2022.

If the above-mentioned deadlines are missed, kindly contact the Academic Services (Secretaria Escolar):