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Global Innovation Challenge

The Global Innovation Challenge is:

  • a high-intensity, impact-driven, project-based, cross-cultural and collaborative 2-week-program, during which high-performing, multicultural and cross-functional teams of 5 master students from 8 internationally accredited business schools worldwide solve a real-life company challenge;
  • a globally created & locally delivered course worth 6 ECTS of elective course work (upon successful completion of the course and subsequent receipt of a Transcript of Records from the partner school);
  • a new type of learning experience meant to foster global education, innovation and connections among master students of top business schools, whilst training their global management and leadership skills and enhancing their cross-cultural awareness;
  • a new form of student mobility offered at different locations around the world each summer between the end of June and the beginning of July;
  • an alliance is made of 8 Triple-accredited business schools from Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Application to the Global Innovation Challenge:

  • The application process is open to 1st year master students of CATÓLICA-LISBON’s International MSc programs and typically takes place during the month of February of their first academic year at our School.
  • The course offer of summer 2022 will consist of 4 different destinations: Australia, Norway, Taiwan and The Netherlands.  
  • Since the number of slots available is limited to 5 students per course/destination, the application process to the Global Innovation Challenge is competitive (via link to a Qualtrics application form) and based on the very same Exchange application average and rules of the MSc Exchange application process.

Find out more on the Global Innovation Challenge website.

Wherever you are, keep in mind that you will be an Ambassador of CATÓLICA-LISBON and of your own MSc program at all times during the Global Innovation Challenge course.




Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does the application process work?
    You will be able to apply for:
  • the 4 courses available, by order of preference;
  • only 3 or 2 of the four courses available, by order of preference;
  • only 1 of the four courses available.
  1. Can I change my mind after submitting the Qualtrics application form?

  2. If I apply for the Global Innovation Challenge courses, can I still apply for an Exchange semester?
    Yes. The Global Innovation Challenge course and the Exchange program are two different student mobility options which are perfectly compatible with one another (as long as there is no calendar overlap between the two).

  3. Can I apply for an Erasmus+ grant for this short-term program if and when the teaching format is face-to-face on-campus at a European destination?

  4. What are the costs of participating in this course?
    Selected and nominated students will use 6 ECTS out of the total credit of ECTS they are entitled to in the framework of their MSc program, regardless of whether they take the course abroad (Outgoing students) or at CATÓLICA-LISBON (Local students).
    If and when extra costs apply, they will appear in the “Extra cost” section of the course Syllabus on the Global Innovation Challenge website below.

  5. Does the Global Innovation Challenge course count as a Major Elective?
    The Global Innovation Challenge course count as a Major Elective for the following 3 Majors of the International MSc in Management: Entrepreneurship & Innovation | Marketing | Strategy & Consulting.

  6. Does the Global Innovation Challenge course allow to fulfill the International Requirement of the International MSc in Management and the International MSc in Finance?
  7. Is participation in any Global Innovation Challenge course compatible with an internship or exams?
    No. This 2-week high-intensity program made of lectures, workshops and fieldwork requires exclusive focus on and full dedication to the company challenge from participants.


For information about the application for the Global Innovation Challenge courses, please contact the International Relations team through: