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Course Enrolment

As a student you are required to check or complete your course enrolment.
Please bear in mind each program enrolment days and course slots. 

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Know the rules and dates for your enrolment process using e-Academic Services for the Undergraduate Programs:

Enrolment Tutorial

(Due to the current situation, the Undergraduate Student Affairs reserves the right to change the dates if necessary)

See more information about the payment of annual enrolment and UCP Tuition and Fees, by clicking here.

During your course enrolment day and your assigned course changing period, please take into consideration that you will need your students credentials to log in. 

(Recommendations: do not to use your mobile phone for enrolment, use a computer/laptop instead; do not open several browsers at the same time; use the Internet Explorer browser.)

Check below a step by step tutorial to easily understand how to enroll using e-Academic Services (e-SCA).

Step by Step e-SCA Enrolment