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Welcome Day

The Welcome Day occurs before or during the first week of classes and it is a very important part of your stay both at CATÓLICA-LISBON and in Portugal. Every semester, the International Relations Office prepares special activities to introduce you to the university and the city.

Our primary goal is to help you get to know our school and other Exchange Students in a short timescale. We believe the activities organized during the Welcome Day hasten the integration of the exchange students, facilitating contact with the other students and providing all the necessary information about the school and life in Lisbon.  

Outdoor Activities

Fortunately, Lisbon is a city where the sun shines almost all year round so there are lots of outdoor activities to do.


As Lisbon has a huge coastal area, surfing is available all year round. The best places to surf are: Sintra, Ericeira, and Cascais (around 45 minutes / 1 hour from central Lisbon). 
Portugal's Atlantic coastline offers world-class waves and the opportunity to surf in the sun all year round. It is a major sporting activity in Portugal and some of the best reefs and beaches are on the Lisbon coast.
There are many surfing spots in Lisbon, such as Guincho, Praia Grande, and Ribeira das Ilhas. The latter is considered one of Europe's best surfing spots. All these beaches are known for hosting national and international surfing championships and tours. You can also enjoy the bars or parties and concerts that are held during the surfing events.

Surfing Classes

There are many Surfing Schools on Lisbon's surrounding beaches. Your stay in Lisbon will be a great opportunity to discover or develop your surfing skills. You can also enjoy the most beautiful beaches along Portugal's coastline, joining the many surfing trips organized by these schools.

Portuguese waters are good for sailing. While you are in Lisbon, try out the sailing classes available in various different harbors on the Lisbon coast. The classes are generally sold in a pack of 10 or so classes. Students will then take weekly classes, normally held at the weekend. Sailing is a different way of experiencing and getting to know Lisbon, so grasp the opportunity afforded by Portugal's good sailing waters.


Portuguese beaches are considered the best by many travelers. Portugal's coast runs along the Atlantic Ocean, providing 800 kilometers of breathtaking coastline and lots of sandy beaches.

Lisbon has some nice coastline nearby, where Lisbon dwellers spend their free time over the summer weekends.
There are a lot of beaches around Lisbon which can be reached using public transport. And if you rent a car you can do day trips to beautiful beaches which are less crowded.
The beaches in and around Cascais and Costa da Caparica are also within easy reach.

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The geographical diversity of Portugal provides the conditions for a wide range of different sports and outdoor activities. Water sports and tennis facilities are world-class and the mild climate means they can be enjoyed nearly all year round. Walking, cycling, riding, and fishing are also widely enjoyed and easily arranged. Some cities have appropriate roads for bike-riding and skate parks for skating.

At CATÓLICA-LISBON, the Students Union organizes some team sports activities during the year. Exchange Students are welcome to join CATÓLICA-LISBON's sports teams.
Additionally, being a CATÓLICA-LISBON exchange student you can use the Lisbon University Stadium's award-winning sports facilities.


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