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Artificial Intelligence for Earth

Right during the Web Summit, Nuno Fernandes, invites to the School one of its most prestigious speakers - Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer at Microsoft – to debate yet another very interesting and enlightening subject:

“Artificial Intelligence for Earth”

The speed and scale at which environmental systems are changing, and the enormity of the human impact of those changes, requires a commensurate response in how society monitors, models, and manages Earth’s natural resources. A key component to that response will emerge from the fundamentals of AI – transforming how we collect data, convert those data into actionable information, and communicate that information across the world. By training increasingly sophisticated algorithms with this unprecedented collection of data on dedicated computational infrastructure, we can combine human and computer intelligence in a way that will allow us to make increasingly informed and optimal choices about today – and tomorrow. 

Bringing in preeminent business leaders from both the private and public sector, this series provides our community with insightful perspectives on effective leadership and the opportunity for thought provoking discussions on current topics facing the business community and the world at large.

Join us in better understanding the world our students will be working and leading!

The entrance is free, but limited to the capacity of the auditorium.

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NOTE: The event will be held in English.