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Academic Director Office Hours

Until further notice, the Academic Director’s Office Hours will be held over a phone or video call. When choosing a time slot, please indicate your student number and ALSO a phone number to reach you at the selected time. Please allow for a +/- 5 minutes change versus the time chosen.

Our school's mission statement is clear on the commitment to intellectual leadership in developing outstanding individuals in an exceptional learning environment. Our students' thoughts and concerns are therefore of critical importance in what concerns accomplishing our mission.

The Academic Director's Office has office hours available for students to individually share ideas and concerns about academic topics, curricular plans, discipline and conduct issues, and other relevant matters. These office hours are available on a weekly basis and all students are welcome to book a slot.

When registering, please indicate the following: student number / first & last name / contact (phone or email) and choose an available slot and register here.

Examples of situations that are covered within the scope of this initiative as follows:

  • General concerns and/or ideas for improving academic life: both general ideas and ideas specific to courses
  • Individuals in need of help with curricular plans
  • Individuals with concerns about specific situations where you need help
  • All academic matters you deem important

Examples of situations that are not covered in this setting are all day-to-day matters mainly related with administrative issues.

The Academic Director for the Undergraduate Programs, Professor Rita Vale, trusts that this initiative brings value to both the students and the school. The office hours are a responsibility of the Academic Director's Office and the primary contact point is Professor Sofia Pereira.