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"Back to School" is an initiative, which is held every 5-year course anniversary, and that allows the alumni of CATÓLICA-LISBON to relive good memories, giving them the opportunity to sit back in a classroom side by side with their classmates.

Besides being present on the "Back to School" of their course, the alumni of CATÓLICA-LISBON are also involved in this initiative as volunteers, helping the Alumni Office ("Gabinete do Antigo Aluno") to establish contact with their colleagues, thus ensuring a higher rate of participation.

"Back to School" is an event with many emotional moments. Most participants feel a great joy and strengthening of team spirit and belonging, to return, even for a day, to CATÓLICA-LISBON, review their colleagues and friends and remember a stage of their lives very important and meaningful for the development of their skills and preparation for the a successful professional life. 

Regresso às Aulas


Back to school