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Career Award

The Career Award is given by Católica Business School of Business & Economics to a former student who, for his/her exceptional professional performance and contributions to society, may be an inspiring example for generations of students at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

The Career Award ceremony is an event organized by CATÓLICA-LISBON Board through its Alumni Relations Office. A panel of independent personalities selects who shall be attributed the Career Award from a number of candidates suggested by the alumni network. 

Since 2006, the year when the initiative was launched for the first time, the Career Award has been attributed to:

  • 2006: Isabel Jonet (degree in Economics 1977-1982) for her outstanding contribution to the Food Bank;
  • 2007: Sérgio Rebelo (degree in Economics 1976-1981), professor of International Finance at the Kellogg School of Management (USA), for his brilliant academic career;
  • 2008: António Horta Osório (degree in Business Administration 1981-1987), CEO of Lloyds Banking Group, for his extraordinary international career in the financial area;
  • 2009: Carlos Melo Ribeiro (degree in Business Administration 1972-1977) for his career achievement as the Chairman of Siemens Portugal;
  • 2010: António Viana Baptista (degree in Economics 1975-1980) for his excellent international career in the field of telecommunications;
  • 2011: Alexandre Relvas and Filipe de Botton (degree in Business Administration 1976-1981) for their distinguished careers as managers and entrepreneurs on the board of Logoplaste;
  • 2012: Miguel Villas-Boas (degree in Economics 1979-1984), for his career in the Economics and Marketing fields; 
  • 2013: Luís Palha (degree in Business Administration 1976-1981) for his diversified and outstanding career;
  • 2014: Joaquim Goes (degree in Business Administration 1983-1989) for his exceptional career in Management.
  • 2016: Luís Amaral ( degree in Business Administration 1979-1984), CEO and major shareolder of Eurocash, for his brilliant entrepreneurship along his outstanding career.
  • 2017: Fátima Barros ( degree in Economics 1980-1986), for her outstanding contribution in the development and internationalization of CATÓLICA-LISBON and for her work as the first woman President of a regulatory body and President of BEREC.